Tower Project

I purchased this tower from an individual in McAllen, Texas on March 22,2001. Lamar Grier and myself made the trip to Texas to pickup the tower and started back home with it on the 23rd.

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We dug the footing on March 27th.  We used a local "gravedigger" for the excavation.  He even disposed of the excess dirt.

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Over 200 pounds of re-bar

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Re-bar in the hole March 28th

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Leveling up the forms and footing bracket

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Installing the anchor bolts

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Concrete arrives at approx. 6:00 PM on the 28th 

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9 Yards of 4000# concrete later

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Mosley Pro 67-B on the ground prior to installation June 27, 2001

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Diamond X500 (2 Meter/440) Vertical on top of mast

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Tower tilted over in preparation of antenna installation

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Tower Base Hinge Point

MVC-004F.JPG (81619 bytes)

Tower in Horizontal position before Pr0 67 installation

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N4FCL, K4REV, KF4HPL, K4JLG & KK4NO Hard at work

MVC-007F.JPG (126421 bytes)

KK4NO attaching RF choke and coax

MVC-009F.JPG (117026 bytes)

Clyde and the "Rev" giving advice

MVC-010F.JPG (114721 bytes)

What's next Jerry? KF4HPL

MVC-011F.JPG (136020 bytes)

Darryl cleans his nails while Lamar brings the rest of the antenna

MVC-012F.JPG (123961 bytes)

It's time to raise the tower

MVC-001F.JPG (123764 bytes)

Crank it up guys!!

MVC-003F.JPG (126017 bytes)

The "Colors" are raised at approximately 4:00 PM June 27, 2001

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