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Current W4TL Station as of March 2011

Icom Pro II, Icom 7200. Icom PW1, Kenwood TS 2000,

Ameritron AL 1500, Nye, MBV-A, Icom 2820.

Here are some pictures of the W4TL Amateur Station (Circa 1998-2004). Click on the photos below for a larger image.  Equipment from left to right: Bottom Row, Alpha 77SX (2-8877's), used only when the going gets rough, Yaesu FT1000D, SP-5 Speaker, Alpha 87A (2-3CX800A7's). Top Row, Coaxial Dynamics 83000A Peak Reading Meter, Nye Viking MBV-A Tuner, Kenwood SW 2000 Meter, 2 Ameritron RC8-V Antenna Switches, 2 HAM IV Rotor Controls, Bird 43 Peak Reading Meter, Heil HM 10 Boom Mike, Kenwood TMV7A Dual Band Radio.   

MVC-001F.JPG (108168 bytes)  MVC-003F.JPG (105525 bytes)  MVC-004F.JPG (98571 bytes)

In these photos are some additional station photographs.  The 4-1000A lamp was built by Lew Howard, W4LHH.  W4TL is shown at the operating position.

MVC-007F.JPG (101486 bytes)  MVC-009F.JPG (98805 bytes)  MVC-010F.JPG (96509 bytes)  MVC-012F.JPG (92983 bytes)

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